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Transaction details

Advantages to the   
seller (exporter)

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buyer (borrower)
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Country List
  Transaction details


Common transaction flow under buyer’s credit scheme

* Subject to a loan agreement

1 NLBI is initially approached either by an exporter, borrower or borrower’s bank with a request for extensions of financing, providing brief description of the underlying transaction
2 NLBI prepares an offer, which is send to the borrower or his bank, stating conditions of the loan agreement including pricing and required security
3 The borrower confirms the offer
4 NLBI and the borrower sign a loan agreement, subject to fulfilment of conditions precedent
5 The Borrower’s bank issues an unconditional, irrevocable letter of guarantee to the benefit of NLBI
6 The Borrower sends to NLBI a disbursements notice, signed by the borrower and the borrower’s bank
7 NLBI transfers the money to the account (exporter’s or borrowers account) specified on the disbursement notice.
8 Borrower repays the loan in accordance with the repayment plan
  In case NLBI decides to accept other form of security, this is provided directly by the borrower to LNBI.


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