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NLB InterFinanz offers to its clients different forms of financing of trade as well as other types of credit facilities, as described bellow.

Buyer’s credit
We offer our clients on a case by case basis direct access to funds in the form of buyer’s credits.

Commercial Loans
NLBI offers on a case by case basis project related loans. secured by a bank guarantee or other type of collateral (e.g. real-estate) acceptable to ourselves. Please approach us for individual transactions.

Import, Export and pre-Export Financing
NLBI offers structured financing for clients importing or exporting capital goods. On a case by case basis NLBI would also offer financing for pre-export financing, subject to acceptable structure and security involved.

NLBI also offers financing of uncovered portions of ECA arrangements, on a disclosed or undisclosed basis.

The following are characteristics of NLBI’s financing schemes:

NLBI provides the funds in the currency of the underlying transaction (Euros, US dollars or Swiss Francs etc.).

Interest Rates, Fees and Maturities
NLBI provides variable rate funding with maturities extending up to 7 years, subject to credit evaluation of the buyer and his home bank.
Interest rate is determined based on LIBOR or EURIBOR, increased by a margin to be determined by NLBI on a case by case basis in accordance with the underlying risk .

In most cases NLBI requires unconditional and irrevocable letters of guarantee issued by the borrower’s (importer’s) bank acceptable to NLBI.
NLBI accepts on a case by case basis also other forms of security from top ranking clients according to our risk classification, such as first ranking mortgage on real-estate or pledge of movables. Such security is subject to evaluation by NLBI and security pledge ratio determined by ourselves.

Commission fee is charged in percentage terms, flat on the entire loan amount and is deducted upon the drawdown form the loan amount.

Commitment fee is charged in percentage terms on an annual basis on the undisbursed portion of the loan amount from the date of the signing of the loan agreement. Flat fees apply for short term transactions or smaller amount transactions.

Other costs
All banking costs related to the loan and all costs incurred in connection with the preparation of the loan, including legal and other expert expenses are borne by the borrower.

Required documentation
The following conditions have to usually be fulfilled prior to the disbursement of the loan:

Copy of a duly signed documentation satisfactory to NLBI
Original extract from a trade register and original specimen signatures of the buyer
Security documentation, satisfactory to ourselves
Legal opinion, issued by an attorney, acceptable to ourselves

NLBI reserves the right to request additional documentation should this prove necessary.


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