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NLBI offers a "without recourse” or "non-recourse” purchase of receivables from exporters which arise in the context of a trade related transaction in all countries appearing in our Country List.

NLBI offers an exporter immediate access to a lump sum of cash shortly after delivery of goods or services. Commitments are made on fixed and floating rate basis.

NLBI, as a forfaiter or a purchaser of an abstract claim assumes all the risks which are associated with the underlying transaction from the exporter or the selling party. Such risks include:

political risk such as extraordinary state measures, armed conflict or other political incidents;
transfer risks, which are associated with the inability or unwillingness of the importing state or state bodies to enable or allow execution of payments; e.g. moratoriums or shortages of currency;
commercial risk representing unwillingness or inability of the importer or the guaranteeing bank to pay in accordance with contractual obligations
currency risk represents risks associated with the changes in the exchange rates
interest rate risk represents risks associated with the changes in the interest rates

NLBI investment strategy in most cases mirrors the one of a final investor, which keeps its assets till their maturity.

Pricing and Costs
The pricing quoted by NLBI for a forfaiting transaction applies for the entire term of transaction. NLBI will provide an exporter or a seller with a quote, which will include a discount rate, days of grace and commitment fee, which will be binding for NLBI as soon as the underlying forfaiting agreement is concluded.

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